Special requests, acquisitions and dreams will come true.

Whether it’s a show you want to see or in need of a restaurant booking, we’re here to help make your wishes come true. Our global network of ambassadors can help provide access to shows, concerts and other entertainment options across the world. At any time of day if there’s something you need, just email or call and we’ll take care of you. Need to plan a birthday or set up something special for your 10th year anniversary, just call. We’re your executive assistant to all the fun things in life!

We all love the feeling of opening the crisp edge of a box of a new acquisition.  It could be an antique, a watch or even a new car.  Finding that perfect and unique piece can sometimes be a challenge.  It takes time and effort to be the first in line to get that first to market item.  Comtecierge will use our international network to find and suggest the latest and greatest once we know what you’re interested in.

Let us take care of the logistics so you can chat with your girlfriends about what outfit will match your new special edition purse.  For you gentlemen… you’ll have to think about what cuff-links will complement your new timepiece.