Languages spoken: English, Francais, Español

Vincent’s background is in luxury hotel management.  He has traveled the world working at various hotels from the Mandarin Oriental in Geneva, Switzerland to being a part of launching it in Las Vegas.  From his 10+ years working in hotels, he has developed a passion for travel and client services.

Vincent founded Comtecierge in 2013 so that he can bring that same delight of discovering a new city to others.  He has a passion for the finer things in life and loves to learn how things are made. 

He has lived in France, Geneva, Jamaica, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.  

JACQUELINE LING – Client Director

Languages spoken: English, 廣東話

Jackie has worked in advertising for 10+ years and loves the creativity, business savvy and client services of marketing.  She has worked in the entertainment industry for most of that time and has had the fortune of experiencing a lot of once in a lifetime experiences like movie premieres, TV shoots and red carpet events.  She would now like to plan that kind of excitement for others!

She loves experiencing new things so she’s always in search for concerts, galleries and other unique events around town.

She has lived in Hong Kong, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Texas.

JENNIFER CHANG – Asian Ambassador

Languages spoken: English, 普通话

Jennifer grew up in the states but lived in Shanghai for over 10 years before moving back.  While there she was known as the queen of Shanghai as she knew everyone and everything that was happening.  She moved there in the early 2000’s and took full advantage of the growing economy by starting her own luxury handbag and tea company.

She will be your contact to connect you with that kind of excitement.

She has lived in Texas and Shanghai.

ARINZE – African Ambassador

Languages spoken: English, Igbo, Pidgin

Born in Nigeria, raised in the UK and educated in the US.  Arinze worked in the IT and media industry for 10+ years where he developed and provided software services to organizations ranging from Wall Street to Production Studios. In 2009, he joined TAO Group in Las Vegas where he served as a Customer Development Director catering to VIP and high net worth individuals.  In leisure, the worst thing to happen to an individual with wealth is not knowing how to enjoy it and have fun.  Arinze prides himself on creating an experience for such individuals to allow them to let go for just a moment and enjoy the fruits of their labor.

He has lived in Lagos, London, Bristol, Boston, New York, Miami and Las Vegas and enjoys sports, fashion and of course a good party.


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