The World Biggest Airport in Beijing!

Here to elevate airport levels to a new and almost unreachable high is a new and soon to be built hub at Beijing. Designed by the now late architect Zara Hadib, the novel terminal building which is said to evoke ‘the harmony and balance evidenced in Chinese landscapes, with its colors and materials being an expression of visual language within traditional Chinese culture.”, will be constructed by 2019.

If you too are intrigued to know what it takes to build a huge structure like this, the answer to your burning quest is – grit, determination and a stupendous total of $12 billion! And what’s more, keeping in mind the distance between the new airport and the city center, a high-speed train is also being constructed for the easy commute of passengers between the two points. The New Beijing airport expects to fly 100 million travelers each year, and with amenities like these, it’s not long before it meets the touted number!

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