Nutella Cafe Now Opened in Chicago

The world’s first-ever Nutella store has opened in Chicago’s Michelin Avenue and needless to say it has got to be my permanent hideout! Understandably so, each and every element in this diner is inspired by the richness and thickness of Nutella! Right from the hazelnut-shaped ceiling hangings to the dripping Nutella-colored embellishments on the ceiling, it all screams Nutella! Most dishes on the menu are inculcated with Nutella that will thankfully satisfy even the most stubborn sweet tooth. We highly recommend the Nutella croissant for the first course! If you are absolutely oblivious to the ongoing calorie craze, we’d urge you to experience the liege waffle topped with warm apple compote and hazelnuts then doused in Nutella.

Nutella Cafe